Have you wondered how easy it would be to embed your Ultimate Locator into your WordPress site?  Well, we get asked this question all the time, so we wanted to share what we think is the quickest way to get it done.


Step 1:
Out of the box, WordPress will not allow you to enter in iFrame code into your new pages.  It will strip away the code, for security reasons.  So, in order to have the capability of creating new pages that contain iFrame code, you must install an iFrame Plugin into your WordPress.

We suggest you install the popular plugin http://wordpress.org/plugins/iframe/ into your WordPress if you don’t already have an iFrame plugin enabled.  Once it’s installed, be sure and ‘active’ it.

Step 2:
Create a New Page inside your WordPress

Step 3:
Login to your Ultimate Locator Member Account and grab the iFrame integration code for your locator.  It’s located in your Control Panel on the Integration page.

Step 4:
Edit your new page in WordPress and paste your Ultimate Locator integration code into the page.

Step 5:
Modify our integration code so it complies with the shortcode format.  Alter the beginning ‘<‘ character to an open bracket ‘[‘ and the last ‘></iframe>’ characters so they are now a single close bracket ‘]‘.

Like this:


Save your new page and visit it within your web browser to see your Ultimate Locator embedded into your new WordPress site.

Need more help?

Check out the WordPress iFrame Plugin Page for more help on getting iFrames working correctly within your WordPress system.