OK, so here is the question:  Do You Need a Locator?

Companies have been making products and offering services for hundreds of years.  Most start out shipping their products around town to the local stores in the area.  At some point, most companies branch out across the state, across multiple states or even across the country.  And then there are national chains and rep groups that pick up the product line and ship it to stores all over the world.  It’s one big massive distribution network that delivers your products and services.

So you’ve got the distribution channels figured out, people are buying your products and your vendors and dealers are sending in reorders.  Congratulations, you’ve become successful in a small network of entrepreneurs that keep the country moving forward from an economic standpoint.

If you really think about it, your products and services are in locations that you have never been to.  The truth is, you may never know where your products end up, but as long as the stores keep ordering more goods then all is well.

When you get down to it, is there more that you can do?  You bet!  Your job should be to figure out how you can get your customers in front of your products and services at the local level.  After all, if the entire stock is purchased, then the store has no choice but to make a reorder.  Goal achieved!

The Internet has changed the way we all find our information.  We look up product reviews, get tips from experts, check out the last videos and all this is done from our homes.  Then we find ourselves wanting the item, so the next question is…  How do I get it?

Well, a consumer has a couple of options on obtaining your product or service.

  • Buy it Locally
  • Shop Online
  • Mail Order
  • Secondary Market

The first three options are in your control, while the last one is not.  You have to make sure you have a grasp on where your products end up and you also need to know how to direct your customers on where it’s available.  The one tool that can help you control the first two options is where Ultimate Locator comes in.

Buy it Locally

In the old days, you had a phone number that you publicized on your website.  And maybe some still do.  It was the easiest way to get customers to call in.  Then we all moved towards the full list of stores where customers had to scroll through a hugh list of store listings to find something that was close to them.  This took time, but that is really all there was.

Now a days, with the advancements in technology, you can offer a search tool that lets customers search for a store near them.  Customers can also filter the results with categories and products as to narrow down their results.  Heck, the truth is, customers don’t even have to search anymore.  When the locator system is accessed, their local stores just popup and display.

And let’s not forget about the recent mobile craze.  In the last 5 or so years, the mobile devices industry has allowed the equipment to access the internet and perform many of the same functions that we can do from our desktops.  And for the mobile devices that have native GPS enabled, it all works magically.

Shop Online

Some customers would rather shop online than drive to the local store.  And some customers may not be able to get out due to mobility, health restrictions and/or busy schedules.  Therefore, it’s much easier for them to just order online and have the items shipped out.  The online eCommerce sector has seen enormous growth over the last 10 years, for a reason.  Today it’s simple to shop online, as long as you can find the store that sells the product.  Most consumers feel they can get a better price shopping online, as compared to retail.

So, where does a Store Locator fit in all this?

When customers visit your website, they want to find out three key pieces of information.  Company Information, Product Information and Where to Buy your products and services.  As long as you can give these three pieces of information to your visitors, then your website is doing its job.  Companies have found out that offering detailed information on where customers can buy the products or services locally does increase the amount of foot traffic at the local level.  This is why almost all websites that offer products or services use store locator systems.

A Store Locator tool implemented into your website will be the hardest working salesman that you have.  it will work 24 hours a day and is ready to help your customers help themselves.  Store Locators are important because they allow customers to quickly find locations nearest them, with minimal hassle.  Think about it, if store locator tools were hard to use and cumbersome, then no one would want to use them.  So, your store locator must be easy to use and deliver accurate results.

We have built Ultimate Locator to handle both of these purchasing options.  Matching up Local Stores and Online Stores comes standard in all plans.

Top Five Reasons why you are a Candidate on using a Store Locator

  1. Do you make products or have services that are available in multiple locations?
  2. Do you have a website where you have visitors inquiring about your products or services?
  3. Do you have a list of store locations available that can be used within your website?
  4. Do you find it important to help generate traffic at the local level, so your vendors and dealers will keep reordering?
  5. Do you think it’s important to direct your customers to the nearest store where your products and services are available?

If you said ‘Yes’ to most of the above reasons, then you are a good candidate for needing a Store Locator.  Consumers demand a certain amount of resources dedicated to them, if they are going to become a customer.  Customer Service is one of them and having a store locator installed at your site is one tool that will help you keep the level of service high.  Customers don’t mind using a locator tool and actually prefer it instead of calling in to a toll free number.

If you think you are a Candidate, then please have a look at our Ultimate Locator system to see if it’s the right choice for you.  We think you’ll love it, but “The Proof is in the Pudding” as they say.  Which is why we offer a Free 14 Day Trial with all new plans.  Experience the Ultimate Locator difference and see for yourself how it can change the way you do business.