The first thing you need to do is to Create new Categories in your system.  Use the Category Manager tool in your Control Panel and add as many categories as you want.  Try to keep the name of the category short in length as the max characters is 30.  But more importantly, shorter names will make it easier for your visitors to select.

Once you have all your categories created you need to look at your list of Categories and make note of the Category IDs, as they are auto-assigned by our system.  This is especially important if you are going to be importing a large list of locations, as you will need to type in the Category IDs that the record belongs to, in the record.

As depicted in this screenshot above, our Category IDs are 38, 39 and 40.  Which were auto-assigned.

Adding/Editing a Record via the Control Panel:

If you are going to be adding/editing a record inside your Control Panel, you simply need to place a checkmark next to the corresponding Category Name, to assign your location to a category.  You can select one, a few or all categories as needed.  Like this…

Importing a List of Locations:

If you are going to be importing a list of locations, then you will need to assign a location to a category by typing in the Category IDs in the ‘categories” field, for each record.  Like this…

In the example above, you will notice that if we want to assign multiple categories to one location record, we must separate each Category ID with a Pipe Character “|”.  Like this:  id1|id2|id3

In the end, Categories that you setup, can be enabled to be a Search Filter on your Locator’s search page…

Assigned Categories are also visible within the details of your locations: