The first thing you need to do is to Create new User Fields in your system.  Use the User Fields tool in your Control Panel and add as many custom user fields as you want.  After creating your fields, be sure to ‘Activate’ each field by checking each one in the list and clicking save.

Once you have all your user fields created and active, you need to look at your list of user fields and make note of the field title you assigned the field.  This is especially important if you are going to be importing a large list of locations, as you will need to type in the Field Title, in the record.

Once you have all your new User Fields created and activated within your locator, you can now start utilizing these fields.

Adding/Editing a Record via the Control Panel:

If you are going to be adding/editing a record inside your Control Panel, you simply need to enter text into the corresponding User Field text box.  Like this…

Importing a List of Locations:

If you are going to be importing a list of locations, then you will need to properly format the field with the Title and the Value.  Like this…

Field Title=Value

If you need to enter more than one User Field for a location record, then separate each User Field with double ampersands “&&”.  Like this…

Field Title=Value&&Field Title2=Value2

In the example above, you’ll notice that some records only utilize one or two User Fields, while others utilize all of them.  Each location record can utilize none, some or all of your user fields.

In the end, the User Fields that you create, activate and assign data too, will be listed within the Location’s Detail Page.